100 Random Facts

1. I’m 40 and I don’t feel like it. Scary. Not sure which one.

2. I’m 100% Hungarian.

3. I was born in a small town, lived in a village for 14 years, then we moved to my birth town, then I moved to Budapest.

4. I lived in Budapest, Hungary for 9 years. I loved living there. I live in Brussels, Belgium now and I hate living here. So much about that.

5. I don’t have a husband or children. Never have. Most probably never will.

6. I used to smoke. It was very difficult to quit, I had to try three times.

7. I am an addict personality. That’s just how I am. I get addicted to stuff.

8. I can go obsessed by things I love. Even when I was a child I annoyed and made my parents scared sometimes.

9. I suck at math. I can’t count for the life of me and I can’t remember numbers.

10. I don’t remember a number even a minute later. Like, I don’t remember how much something cost that I just bought. I’m useless.

11. I can’t drive. I have a licence but I never drive and I don’t have a car either. Never have.

12. Cheetas are the coolest felines.

13. I think potato is superfood.

14. My favourite food is “layered potatoes”: Cook potatoes in their jackets, peel and slice them, hard-boil eggs then slice them, slice good Hungarian sausage. Layer them in a heatproof bowl, starting and ending with potatoes. Salt generously every layer of potatoes and spread good Hungarian sour cream on each triple-layer generously. You can top it with sour cream and grated cheese (this is totally unnecessary). Bake for about 45 m. Eat the whole fucking thing.

15. I like Coke. The real one. And Dr Pepper. I can’t drink any diet soda only Coke Zero, but I don’t like Coke Zero. The rest of the diet stuff gives me a stomach ache (the sweetener crap). Also, coke tastes better in glass bottles.

16. I like vanilla ice cream better than chocolate. In general I prefer vanilla to chocolate. And I live in the land of chocolate.

17. I still read fairytales sometimes when I visit my parents. They have my books, that’s why. Otherwise I’d probably read them here too.

18. My current (and running) favourite tv shows are: Breaking Bad, Parks and Recreation, Suits, The Good Wife, Game of Thrones, White Collar, True Blood, Nurse Jackie. I watch a lot of shows, because I’m an addict. I also love movies. A lot.

19. I have an urge to collect things sometimes. I like having the “whole collection”. Then I get annoyed with myself and want to get rid of everything.

20. My signature perfume is Insolance by Guerlain.

21. When I like something, I tend to not use it to save it. It’s a stupid habit that I should try to break.

22. I started learning English when I was 14.

23. I could speak Russian in high school. I can’t really speak it now, which is a shame, but I can still read Cyrillic scripts.

24. I can speak some Norwegian. Still. Because I love it and I want to learn it again some day.

25. My favourite country is Norway. I wish I was Norwegian. I could blend in.

26. I am interested in Taoism. It’s the truth.

27. I was born and raised a Roman Catholic. I know a lot of Christian stuff, but I am not and I refuse to be religious.

28. I love iPhones. I own a 3Gs. In need of an upgrade.

29. I’ve only had one boyfriend in my life. For about 9 years. I’m happy he is not my boyfriend anymore and let’s leave it at that.

30. I’m not a people person and I am a people person. I hate people and I make people feel better. One of the dualities in my life that I cannot solve.

31. Also, I like kids, but I don’t want to be around babies. I don’t want to hold them or try to act like I care.

32. I majored in English language and literature and Hungarian language and literature. I went to Teacher Training College. I used to teach English language and my students loved me. I was a good teacher.

33. I don’t like games.

34. I am not competitive at all. I have zero confidence and I get awfully scared.

35. Despite the above, I won a Beatles competition in an English language camp. I almost died I had so bad competition anxiety.

36. My first album (not cd, the vinyl kind) was actually two. Phil Collins: Face Value and Queen: A Kind of Magic. That was in the 80s.

37. I have all Beatles vinyls, even pirate ones and all Queen vinyls. Up till they started to make cds instead of vinyls. I should sell my collection. See point 19.

38. I have a teddy bear named Valér. I got him from my dad when I was three (I think). Valér used to travel with me everywhere and sleep in my bed. Now he is right next to my bed. I love him.

39. I prefer silver to gold and I like white gold more than silver. I would prefer platinum the most if I could afford it.

40. I’m a make-up/nail polish shopping addict. I’m always an addict of something.

41. I hate clothes shopping.

42. I don’t like Louis Vuitton anything.

43. People I find inspirational: Ayrton Senna, Morten Harket, Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, Giorgio Armani, Meryl Streep and Christian Bale.

44. I, too, have a crush on Ryan Gosling. I just wish he played more challenging characters.

45. I don’t watch horror movies. My first experience with horror movies was when I was about 16. I watched only the first couple of minutes of the film, but I still today cannot get those scenes out of my head. I hate it.

46. I had two dogs in my life. I loved them both so much. I lost the second in February 2013. I still fucking miss him.

47. My favourite breed of dogs is the Giant Schnauzer. Black ones.

48. I love jokes and stand-up comedy because I love to laugh.

49. I am an only child.

50. I am a loner. I like being alone and I like living alone too. Solitude is the shit.

51. I love flowers. My favourite is yellow tea rose. But I love most of them except for red carnations that remind me of socialist times when we had to put wreaths on Soviet soldiers’ monuments and shit. The wreaths always consisted of red carnations.

52. I hate Christian Slater.

53. I love nesting and interior design. I wish I had a condo/house of my dreams, preferably overlooking to the sea, plus enough money to furnish and decorate it how I want it.

54. I love bread. Another superfood.

55. I love American breakfast food, as in pancakes and bacon.

56. I love strawberries, but I don’t like strawberry flavoured things.

57. I have altophobia (fear of heights), ophidiophobia (fear of snakes), taphophobia (fear of buried alive) and sabresmittenophobia (fear of being stabbed).

58. I used to dislike Kate Moss and now I totally appreciate her.

59. My favourite colours are purple and blue. When I was a child, it used to be yellow. I never liked red or pink.

60. I love sharks, they are fascinating.

60. I love mythology, especially Norse. I used to read Greek, Roman, Hindu, Islamic, Egyptian, Mesopotamian and whatever I found.

61. Places I’d love to visit (and I’ve never been to): Tahiti, New Zealand, Scotland.

62. I used to want to be an actress. I participated in school plays, summer camps, theatre workshops/performances. Also, I won “proper/nice speech” and recital competitions. I went to audition to the Academy of Theatrical Arts but I obviously failed. The closest I got to acting as a profession was being a dubbing actress (I took a course too).

63. I am incredibly good at lying. I just don’t do it anymore.

64. I could literally and voluntarily make myself ill when I was a child. I don’t do that anymore either. I think.

65. I would like to have naturally light, ashblond hair. Now I have to dye it which is annoying.

66. I’ve never had any bones broken.

67. I am by default a lazy person. I just can’t afford being lazy, neither do I like it. But that doesn’t mean I’m not fucking lazy.

68. I don’t speak very well in French, I sort of refuse to make an effort to be better. I have great pronunciation though.

69. I was named after Saint Bernadette of Lourdes. Later in life, both my grandmother and mother went to Lourdes for pilgrimage. I’m not planning to do the same.

70. I have sun allergy.

71. I love organising and I hate clutter.

72. I love sleeping.

73. Earrings are my favourite jewellery. Studs, hoops, dangly ones too.

74. I don’t do sports. I’ve always sucked at them.

75. I have neat handwriting.

76. I practiced my signature at one point in my life and I still write it that way. The Hungarian way is surname+forename, therefore my signature is surname+forename too. I won’t change it.

77. I love watches and clocks. I have clocks, sometimes several, in every room. I only own two watches. (Fail.)

78. When I was a child, I used to go to bed, switch off the lights, but I stayed up and played in the dark.

79. I can sing. I used to be a member of a choir and we had performances and tours. I used to really like singing. I regret I never pursuited it a little more. Not professionally, though, I’m not that good/talented.

80. I learned to play the piano for 9 years. I wasn’t particularly good, unfortunately. It actually made me frustrated that I always hit a wrong key and I could never understand why. The only time I played a piece completely correctly was at a school performance. I don’t remember the title, but it was a piece by Beethoven. All the music teachers congratulated. That was the best experience.

81. I still like classical music, but I’m more of a rocker girl. Weirdly enough, I can go for a long-ass time without listening to music, but it doesn’t mean I don’t love it. I often just listen to music in my head too.

82. The first concert I’ve ever been to was Cliff Richard. My mom’s favourite, not mine. It was quite good actually. And the first one I actually went because I loved them was Bros.

83. I have no idea how many of my teeth have no filling in them. Probably 7, but it could be 9. I wish I had perfect teeth. It’s one of the things I would really love to have but is impossible.

84. I tend to have crushes on celebrities. I will always love Morten Harket.

85. I like Star Wars (the original). I wanted to be Han Solo.

86. I don’t like stupid people, politics, bad teachers and hot weather.

87. I grew up in a socialist country and it didn’t feel that bad because I had no notion of anything else. The first “western/capitalist” country I visited was Austria. I died of the wealth, the beauty and the shop windows. Most of the time I could only look at the shop windows, because we didn’t go inside. I think we were just intimidated.

88. We could not afford buying all that expensive stuff in Austria, but my parents were superawesome and bought me a Barbie doll. Which was like, incredibly beautiful and nothing I’d ever seen before. She is still sitting in my old bedroom at my parents house and only one of her slippers is missing. Because they are stupid slippers and someone moved her and it got lost. It wasn’t me, honest.

89. I inherited a collection of china figurines from my grandmother’s sister. I used to enjoy playing with them and even washing them clean.

90. My favourite electronic device is the fridge. I love them.

91. My favourite alcoholic drinks are Jameson, Martini Bianco and Bailey’s. I never drink beer. It’s disgusting.

92. I like the smell of gasoline.

93. I have an incredibly strong gag reflex. It’s horrible.

94. I love swearing and swear words. I do it in Hungarian, English and French too.

95. I would like to live in a country where English is the official language.

96. I can’t draw and I terribly appreciate those who can.

97. My most visited websites are: Gmail (also my home page), YouTube, Twitter, Imdb, Beautybay and my bank’s site. My most used iPhone app is Instagram. Judge me.

98. I can’t giftwrap at all. Not even square-like objects such as books. I’m useless.

99. My most hated household chore is cleaning windows. I avoid it as much and as long as I can.

100. I can’t live without internet and my pc. I’m not even kidding.

Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadows

001 es

I heard about Rouge Bunny Rouge quite a while ago, I think I read about it on a blog somewhere. I checked them out and I was intimidated by the price point. I did not want to buy products that were so expensive. Fast forward to this year when I realized how intriguing the brand is for me and how different their colour range is from other brands I’ve tried. As a first post on this new blog, I’m going to review all the eyeshadows I have from the brand. Yes, a lot. I bought them in two batches, because when it comes to online shopping I’d rather buy products than pay for shipping, so I end up with a ton of things in my basket…

The Long Lasting Eye Shadows bear the name “When Birds Are Singing…”. You might already know that all the shades are named after birds, which I think is fun; although it needs a bit of getting used to the complex names. I’m really thrilled with these eyeshadows and there is none that I don’t like. They are buttery soft, blendable and high quality. They adhere to the lid very well, which truly makes them long lasting. If you pair them with the brand’s Long Lasting Cream Eye Shadows, you will have a look that wears great and stays ture to colour and doesn’t crease. The pigmentation varies from shade to shade, but overall it is great. The colours are mostly subtle, muted and very sophisticated, there is no glitter or chunky shimmer even in the shiniest ones. I highly recommend them if you want unique eyeshadows, if you like neutral or understated looks and definitely if you want to enjoy application and versatility with your makeup.

The brand has two packaging types: pot and pan. They sell empty duo and trio eyeshadow keepers if you wish to make your own little palettes. I bought mine in pots and although it is not the best for storage, I still prefer it. They also have two different finishes, but only the “matt” finish is stated on the products; the other type is not labelled differently, but the finishes are not the same in these, some are satin, some are more shimmery, some have multicolour irridescent and so on. The website gives a fairly accurate description of what you can expect, so if you have some imagination, you won’t be disappointed. They also sell two different sizes – but more about that later.

The shadows were swatched without primer and pictures taken in natural light. Click to appreciate them in a bigger size.

abyssinian catbird1 abyssinian catbird2 abyssinian catbird3 abyssinian catbird4

Abyssinian Catbird is one of RBR’s cult favourite eyeshadows. It is a highly pigmented, saturated colour. It’s a beautiful olive-toned gold, just stunning on the lids. Think MAC’s Sumptuous Olive mating Woodwinked on crack.

angelic cockatiels1 angelic cockatiels2 angelic cockatiels3 angelic cockatiels4

Angelic Cockatiels is a rose gold, beautiful highlight shade, but it is equally lovely on the lids if you like light shimmer colours as an all over wash. It is great paired with other shades, like Bejeweled Skylark or Bohemian Waxwing too. Reminds me of MAC All That Glitters, only lighter.

bejeweled skylark1bejeweled skylark2bejeweled skylark5 bejeweled skylark6

Bejeweled Skylark is a rich, red-toned saturated chocolate shade with a multicolour sparkle, but not glitter. It’s absolutely gorgeous all over the lid.

bohemian waxwing4 bohemian waxwing2 bohemian waxwing3 bohemian waxwing5

Bohemian Waxwing is one of the loveliest neutrals, it has an understated shine and it’s very wearable even on more mature lids. It has beautiful multicolour shimmer/irridescence as well.

delicate hummingbird1 delicate hummingbird2 delicate hummingbird3 delicate hummingbird4

Delicate Hummingbird is another popular shade. It’s a gorgeous taupe-toned purple. I love wearing purple shades, even though I have blue eyes. I think it contrasts beautifully and makes the blue stand out. Pair this shade with any brown or taupe, it’s stunning.

fire-tailed sunbird1 fire-tailed sunbird2 fire-tailed sunbird3 fire-tailed sunbird4

Fire-tailed Sunbird is a colour I got especially for my blue eyes. I love the peachy shade with the gold sheen. It’s like Expensive Pink from MAC, but more subtle and refined. Works great as an all over wash, and just as well as an inner corner highlight. Try it as a highlight in the middle of the lid to catch the light and the attention!

gracious arasari1gracious arasari2 gracious arasari3 gracious arasari4

Sorry, I lost the other swatch pic… Gracious Arasari is a satin finish, mid-tone brown. It is not an actual matte, as you can see on the back of the packaging, but it has no shimmer. These shadows are so silky soft that when swatched heavily, they might look more powdery, but in reality, they blend easily and don’t look cakey or chalky at all.

IMG_3293lilac reef curassow2 lilac reef curassow3 lilac reef curassow4

Lilac Reef Curassow is another purple, but has a satin finish and is less pigmented. I love combining a soft, lilac shade with a darker purple or with a taupe shade, so I really enjoy this one too.

IMG_3491olive violetar3olive violetar4 olive violetar5

Olive Violetar was the first shade I wore from these shadows. It’s also a satin finish, which makes it blendable and very soft. I enjoy this shade because it is so sophisticated. Great for neutral lovers, but the olive tone makes it so different from the usual browns. Pair it with a shimmer on the lid and use this in the crease or Olive Violetar on the lid and a matte shade in the crease… it’s really versatile. I adore it over their cream shadow in Velvet Fritillary.

IMG_3302periwinkle cardinal2 periwinkle cardinal3 periwinkle cardinal5

Periwinkle Cardinal is a gorgeous turquoise/aqua green, it looks almost wet. I highly recommend to check out Karima McKimmie’s tutorial with this shade paired with Bejeweled Skylark. Amazing look!

solstice halcyon1 solstice halcyon2 solstice halcyon3 solstice halcyon5

Solstice Halcyon is the sister of Gracious Arasari. It’s a cooler, more neutral brown, so perfect for the neutral look fans. It’s rather a satin finish, blends well, lovely on the lid in itself or as a crease colour.

trumpeter koel1IMG_3305IMG_3307  trumpeter koel2

Trumpeter Koel is a purple toned grey that works fantastic as a crease shade, especially with purples. If you want a subtle liner on the lid or the lower lashline, this is fab.

umber firefinch1 umber firefinch3 umber firefinch4 umber firefinch6

Umber Firefinch. Lovely shade, a warm tone brown, works great with other warm shades. It has a subtle multicolour shimmer too.

volcano fairy-wren1volcano fairy-wren2volcano fairy wren4   volcano fairy-wren3

Volcano Fairy-Wren is a perfect smokey eye shade. Sparkle and depth. Easy to build up and blend.

And the two matt shades:

chestnut napped apalis1 chestnut napped apalis2 chestnut napped apalis3 chestnut napped apalis4

Chestnut-Napped Apalis is a warm, mid-tone brown. Reminds me of Soft Brown or Wedge from MAC. It looks powdery, but again, it blends softly and can be used as a transition or eye contour colour over the socket. I use this technique a lot, so I really love this shade.

sweet dust seremia_matt1 sweet dust seremia_matt2 sweet dust seremia_matt3 sweet dust seremia_matt4

Sweet Dust Seriema is the cooler one of the two mattes I own. The shade is more taupe-y, great blending shade, one of my favs. I love it on the lower lashline too.

Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadows actually have two sizes. I didn’t realize it until I actually got them, I did not pay attention in the “read more” section when selecting shades. If the eyeshadows come in a pot, some contain 2g (0.07oz) and others 2.4g (0.08oz). It is quite random which shade comes in what size. All the refills contain 2g (0.07oz), but you cannot get all their shades in a refill. Some shades in the pot form are even exclusive to their website, so you will have to order from there. Here is a picture showing the comparison in size:

002 size comparison

I highly recommend these eyeshadows and overall, I’m very happy with the brand itself. Definitely check out the Rouge Bunny Rouge website for descriptions, ingredients and other information. They have a wonderful and generous customer service too. With my huge order (other product reviews are coming up) they included a full size Highlighting Liquid in the shade of my choice. They also include a lovely keychain with orders over a certain amount and different samples as well. I have been really enjoying all my products from Rouge Bunny Rouge and I’m very impressed with both the quality and the colours of these eyeshadows. You won’t be disappointed if you decide to splurge! As far as I know, RBR is also available from Zuneta and Beautybay.